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Happy High School is planning a reunion. You aren't invited, though. 2:12pm

George Bush and Dick Cheney are now friends. 1:52pm

Bert and Ernie are now friends. 12:36pm

For a good time call 555-LAID
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Big Brother is watching you, and has been doing so for the last hour. 8:32pm

Online Boy joined the group Help! I can't get out!. 4:05am

Kenny and Spenny are now friends. 3:45am

People created the group Feel like I'm being watched. 3:29am

Mark Zuckerberg added "1984" to his favorite books. 2:00pm

Samuel L. Jackson is having a private moment. 8:32pm

You are now friends with People you don't like. 12:27am


Bobby McFerrin wrote on Everybody's wall. 8:32pm

Don't worry, be happy.
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